Awnix, a U.S.-based Cloud Service Provider, announces the launch of a new website

Kansas City, Missouri/Austin, Texas - October 9, 2018:

Awnix, a U.S.-based Cloud Service Provider serving the telecommunications, heavy industrial and government sectors, announced today the launch of their newly redesigned branding and website. Already supporting current customers in both data center and unique edge-based IoT cloud services, the new website more clearly explains to potential customers the benefits of managing development and customer applications with a private cloud offering - this, whether the organization is new to cloud services or exploring a transition away from, or to hybridize with, an existing public cloud platform.

"As IT and DevOps teams across the world continue to learn every day, the pace of change in business requirements across all domains is still increasing, with no foreseeable end in site," said Rick Kundiger, Awnix CEO and President. "Our new website will make it easier than ever for them to quickly learn about new service offerings and stay abreast of current trends in BizOps. We look forward to hearing from new and existing customers while expanding our market reach."

Awnix's website is still located at Much cleaner in appearance, it offers additional options for reaching out to the Awnix team, and a concise, easy-to-digest take on Awnix's flagship ARChive backup/disaster recovery (DR) product as well as their Enterprise-grade managed services. It will be updated regularly with state-of-the-industry white papers, cloud-related and system administration tutorials written by Awnix staff, and blog posts.

Visitors are encouraged to reach out to Awnix directly with any questions or sales inquiries at

ARChive V1.7.4

- use the purge() function as part of the error handling during a volume duplication. if we recieve a code, 33, that indicates that the duplication chain is broken, we use purge to remove all traces of the now no good replicant, and tell archive to start the duplication over again.

- new event 'VOLUME DIFFERENTIAL DUPLICATE FAILED OUT-OF-SYNCH REPLICANT' to indicate the above condition. the retry will make a new event for the same transaction_id and volume_uuid.

- limit the volume duplication retries to 3. at that point, we'll give up.

- now using the purge() function when deleting the last snapshot for a given dr_binding_uuid from the database.

- adds "--translate" to 'roan events` to translate TENANT and TARGET UUIDs from the UUID to the objects human-name. This will add time (about 3 seconds per tenant ) to the completion time for the 'roan events' command as it collects the name bindings.

- fixes some logic after an error 33 is caught; now it will try any other snapshots found in the database in case there's a long-lived snapshot that could still be used as a base.