We offer local or remotely-based full-stack support and managed services. Whether six months to get your business over a staffing hump, one year to get you to your next fiscal goal, or multi-year so that your team can focus on DevOps, not infrastructure, we have expertise and the staffing to ensure you reach your business goals. And, if you already have hardware that you need to re-purpose, we can likely work with your existing hardware to ensure your cloud is secure, reliable and optimized.

Our Customer Commitment

Our commitment to you is that you are not locked in to specific hardware or software - ever. We use Enterprise-grade open source software and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware where and when it makes sense, but will support proprietary and/or custom commercial solutions and we can customize our offerings to suit your exact needs:

Workload-based requirements?

Cert requires multi-site redundancy?

Stringent HA, DR and backup requirements?

Support for both data center and edge-based architecture and appliances? We can do THAT TOO.

Our structured, best-practices approach to architecture and operation allow us to guarantee availability that meets or exceeds any similar private cloud offering, while being able to offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that are simply not available with any public cloud offerings.

General Secure Private Cloud Management

Management of the Secure Private Cloud is straightforward:

  1. You can choose to manage it yourself (with Awnix’s included first year 8×5 support to back you up);

  2. You can opt for 24×7 support for business critical needs;

  3. Or you can request some of Awnix’s experts to manage the Secure Private Cloud on your behalf; either remotely or on-premise at your location(s).

Additional Benefits

Awnix’s continued engineering, design, and development efforts:

  • Our engineers and architects are constantly testing new configurations, evaluating new software options or add-ons, and validating that new updates or upgrades don’t negatively affect your Secure Private Cloud’s availability or performance.

  • This is a normal part of our support and management services and doesn’t require any upgrades or additional costs.