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We provide semi-custom Secure Private Clouds that are hosted on-premise, colocated at a hosting center of your choice, or are edge-deployed - all managed as a service. All of the software you need to self-install VMs and container apps, including SDN for multi-tenancy, comes pre-installed. You can scale from a few servers up to a fully-populated data center without a rip and replace.

Awnix’s Secure Private Clouds are semi-custom turnkey platforms which are built upon a core design we have developed over the past four years and which can be modified to meet your specific needs, whether in a data center or edge environment.

Semi-custom OpenStack or bare metal Kubernetes (other virtualization and container platforms are available)

Backup and disaster recovery included

Scales from quarter-rack to multi-site

Storage, network and compute all included


  1. Reduced TCO

  2. Improved performance with reduced latency and bandwidth bottlenecks, i.e. your apps are closer to your data

  3. You want to address security concerns to meet Federal regulations or HIPAA requirements


There is no need to install OpenStack or Kubernetes yourself. Because the rack(s) arrive complete they are ready to go once plugged into power and network. Each rack contains its own top-of-rack network switches which are configured to be highly available and offer hundreds of gigabits of bandwidth to your cloud. You only need to plug a network cable into the designated ports, configure the appropriate network subnet(s) and VLAN(s) within your data center network, and it is ready for you to log in and begin creating tenants or containers, SDNs, and virtual instances.

We also want to ensure that your installation goes as smoothly as possible and be worry free, so all of Awnix’s Private Clouds come with installation services. Even though our Private Clouds are already configured to your specifications, we will send an expert engineer to your location(s) to oversee the installation, assist if necessary, and demonstrate the functionality of your new private-cloud.


Our Private Clouds are configured to make the maximum use of resources while minimizing the cost to you. Our designs have the greatest virtual instance density available and cost less than alternative options. Depending upon the configuration you select, you will have anywhere from a few dozen to thousands of virtual instances available for use. As for virtual subnets, routers, and security groups (virtual firewalls) go, you can deploy as many as you want - the sky is the limit.

Modifications + Upgrades

Your new Private Cloud is extremely flexible. Its delivery setup will be based on your requirements given to us at the time of order; however, in IT things change and your Private Cloud should be able to change as well. Your cloud can be reconfigured at any time for upgrades or updates, as well as to add or remove peripheral software or hardware components.

In most cases, these updates and upgrades or component additions and removals can be performed while the Private Cloud is online, without disrupting your use of the platform for your business needs.