We provide semi-custom Secure Private Clouds that are hosted on-premise, colocated at a hosting center of your choice, or are edge-deployed - all managed as a service. All of the software you need to self-install VMs and container apps, including SDN for multi-tenancy, comes pre-installed. You can scale from a few servers up to a fully-populated data center without a rip and replace.

Awnix’s Secure Private Clouds are semi-custom turnkey platforms which are built upon a core design we have developed over the past four years and which can be modified to meet your specific needs, whether in a data center or edge environment.

Semi-custom OpenStack or bare metal Kubernetes (other virtualization and container platforms are available)

Backup and disaster recovery included

Scales from quarter-rack to multi-site

Storage, network and compute all included


  1. Reduced TCO

  2. Improved performance with reduced latency and bandwidth bottlenecks, i.e. your apps are closer to your data

  3. Properly addresses security concerns to meet Federal regulations or HIPAA requirements