ARChive is the industry’s #1 Enterprise-grade backup, restore and disaster recovery (DR) tool for OpenStack-based clouds, providing an alternative to the basic backup features that exist in recent OpenStack releases. ARChive is hands down the most feature-rich OpenStack backup and DR solution available market-wide.

Some of its standard features include:

  • Ability to backup and restore volume-based and ephemeral instances

  • Enables automatic and customizable policy-based backup scheduling

  • Capable of backup and restoration of entire tenants (including networking, security group, metadata and user configurations)

  • Synthetic full backups

  • Off-site replication

  • Local and remote restoration of individual instances, entire tenants, and all tenants within an OpenStack cloud

ARChive has been designed not only to be fully featured, but also easily deployable and highly customizable through a command line interface-based (CLI) server and client.