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Recording: Quickly Implement a Secure Cloud for Government and Military

Government and Military organizations are continually being challenged to reduce costs and increase agility when providing resources and services to meet their business/mission goals. The public cloud frequently comes up as a potential location to do this; but is that the right place? Even though some public clouds have FedRAMP certification they are likely

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OpenStack Instance High Availability – Sneak Peek

Here is a little peek at something we are working on. Instance High Availability for OpenStack. Some may be familiar with this from their days as a VMware admin where it was generally known as VMHA. In summary, OpenStack doesn't have a native ability to restart instances (virtual machines) on other hosts when the host they

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Quickly Implement a Secure Cloud for Government and Military Webinar

[July 14th @ 10:30am PDT] Join this webinar to see how Awnix meets your needs with its Secure Private Cloud products and services through a live demo and technical deep dive of common use cases. Date: Thursday, July 14, 2016 Time: 10:30 am PDT Location: Web-based (Live) Topic: How to Quickly Implement a Secure Cloud for

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VMWare: We Love OpenStack!

Read More @ NetworkWorld VMware and OpenStack have made nice A few years ago VMware and OpenStack were foes. Oh, how times have changed. This week VMware is out with the 2.5 release of its VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO). The virtualization giant continues to make it easier to run the open source cloud management

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Agencies open up to OpenStack

By Wyatt Kash Read More @ fedscoop A new survey of government IT professionals indicates widening use and acceptance of open source technology for the cloud. Three out of four government IT professionals in a new poll say their agencies are now using cloud computing services. The new survey also found that a significant portion

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Will government pressure force IT companies outside the U.S.?

About a month ago I had written a draft post regarding the FBI vs. Apple encryption battle going on at that time.  In it I hypothesized that the attempts by the FBI to force IT companies to crack their security, and perhaps add backdoors, may have a chilling effect on IT in the United States,

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VDI: How I Learned to Stop Over-Analyzing and Love the Virtual Desktop

Credit: agsandrew, (http://bit.ly1Urh6Vw) My VDI History VDI, or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, has been around for quite some time, and those who know me know I have not really been much of a fan of it for the last 11-12 years.  Here is a little history of why: Virtual Servers Work, Why Not

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Exhibiting at the West 2016 IT Conference in San Diego 17-19 Feb

Come see us in sunny San Diego at the Federal Government’s West 2016 Conference for IT. Booth #1549 We will be exhibiting one of our Engineered Systems running OpenStack with Software Defined Networking. We will also be holding a raffle for a new OnePlus X cell phone.  Stop by and get a ticket for your chance

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