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Awnix Engineered Systems for OpenStack with SDN Features

Today Awnix’s Engineered Systems are delivered running OpenStack Kilo, with some Liberty elements, with an integrated SDN overlay using PLUMgrid’s Open Networking Suite (ONS).  We also add Ceilometer by default.  If you require other add-ons please let us know and we will be happy to incorporate them for you.

Feature List:

  • Turnkey OpenStack with SDN
  • SDN network overlay integration
  • Delivery in under 60 days – ready to use1
  • Extensively tested designs and configurations
  • Hardware optimized for performance and cost
  • Customizable
  • Expert Support included2
  • High virtual instance density–up-to 2560 virtual instances3
  • Highly available and redundant top of rack network switches
  • Highly available storage with 3 x copies to protect data
  • Native OpenStack APIs for maximum compatibility
  • ARChive backup, restore, and disaster recovery included
  • Multiple support and management options
  • Continual testing and engineering included in all support or management options
  • 100’s of nodes per cluster
  • Highly available controllers

1 Normal delivery times are within 60 days or less
2 8×5 remote support included in purchase price for one (1) year.
3 Total number of virtual instances will vary depending on instance sizes.

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