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Components of Awnix’s Engineered Systems for OpenStack with SDN

Awnix’s design(s) are based upon three years of experience deploying OpenStack with SDN platforms, as well as an additional 10-14 years designing other virtualization platforms prior to that.  As a result Awnix has created a base-line design which is 1) highly efficient, 2) flexible, and 3) cost effective.

Component Summary:

  • 2 x 40GbE spine switches (Optional on ARC-96)
  • 2 x 10GbE leaf switches
  • 3 x Controller nodes
  • 2 x SDN gateway nodes
  • 3-20 x hyperconverged compute nodes
  • 1 x 42U-48U rack
  • 2 x High-quality PDUs with monitoring
  • 1 x Environmental monitor
  • N x SFP, SFP+, Twinax DAC, & CAT6e cables
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