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Awnix ARC-640

The ARC-640 is the premier data center Engineered System from Awnix.  It is a full rack of 20 hyperconverged compute nodes combined with all necessary controllers and other equipment described in the components section. It’s top of rack networking is designed for scale and is capable of handling the addition of many more racks to the cluster without having the need to upgrade or replace the network components at all.

ARC-640 Full Rack

Main features of the ARC-640

  • Up to 2560 virtual instances
  • Unlimited virtual routers
  • Unlimited virtual networks (no VLANs needed)
  • Unlimited security groups (virtual firewalls)
  • 640 TB of disk space – expandable to 880 TB (Ceph OSDs)
  • SSD for Ceph Journals
  • Highly available physical network hardware
  • Highly available physical controller and SDN hardware
  • Highly available service(s) configuration for OpenStack and SDN components
  • Self-encrypting drives
  • Trusted Platform Module
  • ARChive backup, restore, and disaster recovery solution
  • 3 x copies of data for resiliancy
  • Bi-directional replication of backup information with another ARC-640
  • Use of standard OpenStack APIs
  • Clustering with additional expansion units
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