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Awnix ARC-500P

The ARC-500P is a 2U self-contained “Cloud-in-a-box” that is portable and is an excellent solution for those use cases where a full data center rack is not required, such as: a Cloud starter-kit, remote offices, temporary command posts, downrange deployments, DevOps, and more…

The ARC-500P can host upwards of 500 virtual instances and also incorporates all of the Software Defined Networking features and functionality found in the ARC-96, ARC-320, and ARC-640.   It is comprised of 3 hyperconverged compute nodes, 1 hyperconverged controller node, and 2 storage nodes.

Additionally, it is upgradable to a full rack without the need to replace the unit!

Main features of the ARC-500P

  • Up to 500 virtual instances
  • Direct upgrade path to ARC-320 & ARC-640
  • Unlimited virtual routers
  • Unlimited virtual networks (no VLANs needed)
  • Unlimited security groups (virtual firewalls)
  • 48 TB of disk space (Ceph OSDs)
  • SSD for Ceph Journals
  • Highly available compute hosts
  • Directly upgradable without replacing any hardware
  • Mount in a rack, or in a shipping container for portability
  • Self-encrypting drives
  • Trusted Platform Module
  • ARChive backup, restore, and disaster recovery solution included
  • 3 x copies of data for resiliancy
  • Bi-directional replication of backup information with another ARC-500P, ARC-320, or ARC-640
  • Uses standard OpenStack APIs
  • Clusters with additional expansion units
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