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Recording: Quickly Implement a Secure Cloud for Government and Military

Government and Military organizations are continually being challenged to reduce costs and increase agility when providing resources and services to meet their business/mission goals. The public cloud frequently comes up as a potential location to do this; but is that the right place? Even though some public clouds have FedRAMP certification they are likely not the right place for most kinds of Sensitive but Unclass (SBU) information, and definitely not for any Classified information, so where do you go?

A Secure Cloud platform designed for Gov/Mil use is the answer.

In a webinar a couple weeks ago, I discussed some of the uses, capabilities, and features of a Secure Cloud and how the Government and Military can increase security and agility using a modern Secure Cloud platform which also reduces costs for hardware, software, operations, and maintenance.

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About the Author:

Rick Kundiger (CEO & Founder, Awnix) is a former U.S. Government data center architect with 15 years of experience. While there Rick designed and deployed various IT systems throughout the world and travelled throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Rick began working with OpenStack and Software Defined Networking in 2012 and realizing the potential of these technologies Rick, along with Mike Meskill (Awnix's other Founder and CTO), left the government to start Awnix Inc.. Since then Rick and Mike have been developing Engineered Systems for OpenStack and SDN--turnkey OpenStack designed to meet each customer's unique requirements--with an emphasis on usability and security. Rick is a U.S. Navy Veteran.

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